Why Living in Sheridan is Great

By Student Guest Blogger and First Place Prize Winner Ms. Carissa Goodman

The city of Sheridan has much to offer. Main Street is lined with beautiful shops that are run by lovely people. Whenever you enter one you are greeted with a “Hello, how are you?” Just perpendicular to Main Street, statues are abundant on Grinnell Plaza in front of City Hall. Some are owned by the city and others are just out on loan. Kendrick Park, a big part of our small town, has the most lush green grass and towering trees around. On the other side of the park you find a pool and you can even get ice cream in the summer. Overlooking this beautiful park is the buffalo pen, where there are even a few elk.

The summer is a busy time in Sheridan. Fourth of July gives the several firework vendors around town plenty of business. And being such a small town we are close to wide open fields where we can shoot them off. About six miles south of town in Big Horn is the Equestrian Center where, if you don’t like to, or can’t, shoot off fireworks yourself, you can go to watch them professionally done. Starting in the second week of July is the rodeo. For three nights a full-length rodeo takes place at the fairgrounds, only a few minutes drive from downtown. Behind the towering arena stands in the carnival. In addition to different rides and thrills, the carnival offers cotton candy and other treats.

Even the fall and winter are hosts to many activities. The Sheridan High School football teams are great to go watch on a Friday night. There are high school orchestras and bands as well as many other sporting events. Halloween is a wonder event here. There are nice quiet neighborhoods for the children to go trick or treating. It’s even okay to go if you’re less of a child and more of a teenager, most people don’t mind. Once winter has fallen upon us, the ice rink opens and ski and snowboard areas are a short drive away. The mountains are just a few minutes south of Sheridan and great if you like to go snowshoeing or snowmobiling. Even in winter, you can find something to entertain yourself.

Sheridan is a wonderful place to live. Wyoming is general has a staggeringly high number of people under the age of 25, more then many other states. Sheridan reflects this greatly as you will see at the local movie theatre and skate park. There is always something here to do, and the people are welcoming. We’ve got culture that many places aren’t as exposed to.

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  1. I like your Header, and the look of your Blog 🙂 Nice idea for the creative writing contest……and it probably helped the kids look within themselves as to why they like living in Sheridan.

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