Second Place Prize Winner – Sheridan High Creative Writing Contest

Creative Writing is on a Roll!

No doubt you have read our earlier post on the announcement of the Sheridan High Creative Writing Contest and the post on the 3rd place prize winning entry by Ms. Chelsey Hager. It is with great pride we the staff and management of CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty, Inc congratulate second place prize winner and recipient of a $50 cash prize to Ms. Kylen Caywood for her winning entry “Utopia“.


By Guest Blogger Ms. Kylen Caywood

The definition of Utopia is—an ideal and perfect place or state where everyone lives in harmony and everything is for the best. In my Utopia, life stands still, unlike in the hustle and bustle of city life. There are no yellow taxi cabs scurrying around causing mayhem in the traffic. In my Utopia, the only sounds that are heard are the ones that the soft breeze creates. My Utopia contrasts with the obnoxious honks of impatient drivers and the revolting signals from their fingers. The scenic views are breath taking and pure eye candy. The unpredictable weather keeps me guessing on what clothes to wear. It goes from one extreme to another, never feeling any remorse. My Utopia is a place where everyone knows everyone’s name, and a neighbor helps out a neighbor.

My Utopia is the little town nestled beneath the Big Horn Mountains. This little town is called Sheridan, in the western state of Wyoming. My friends and family are truly genuine, for Sheridan shelters many that live here from the harsh world.

Sheridan, although small, has an eclectic community of people full of different opinions, thoughts, and lifestyles. This helps to give our town unique and diverse input along with great ideas. Sheridan is a town of security and safety. We have many police officers which help to regulate and keep our city safe.

People come here seeking tranquility, and many find something even more special. They find happiness. In my Utopia, happiness is not hard to find. It is beneath every stone I step, and it is within every smile I receive. My home gives protection to those who live here, while also bringing happiness and brightness into each blessed day. So, whether the white snow caps the top of our tall mountains, or the orange leaves fall to the ground, the hills, the people, and the sheer happiness of my Utopia will protect and care for me.

Outstanding Work!

What a vivid picture Kylen paints of Sheridan and we certainly appreciate her taking the time to put he thoughts on paper. If you would like to leave a comment for Kylen, please feel free to do so. I’m sure she would love to read your comments.

Don’t Forget to Stay Tuned For the Announcement of the Grand Prize Winner!

In our next post we will reveal the first place entry for the Sheridan High Creative Writing Contest.

Until then,

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