Third Place Winner in the Sheridan High Creative Writing Contest

The Selection Process Was Difficult!

Selecting the winning entries for the Sheridan High School creative writing contest was really difficult. There were many exceptional articles submitted which speaks highly of our teachers and staff at Sheridan High School. We truly appreciate the efforts of Ms. Dirlene Wheeler and English teacher Ms. Rita Geary for coordinating this contest. It is with great excitement we announce the 3rd Place Winner of the Sheridan High School Creative Writing Contest. Congratulations go to 11th grade student Ms. Chelsey Hager for her entry “Sheridan is a Great Place to Live“.

Sheridan High Student Declares “Sheridan is a Great Place to Live”

by Guest Student Blogger Ms. Chelsey Hager

This area is one of the nicest places to live, in the United States. We have good schools and it is a safe environment to raise a child. It is a place where everyone knows their neighbor and people for the most part can be trusted. We have the Big Horn Mountains right outside our back doors, which provide recreational activities all year long. When in need of goods or services, you find yourself able to find what you need is within walking distance. It is incredibly easy to get where you need to be during the summertime; however, in the winter this is not the case. But isn’t it nice to have a few days off every once in awhile?

In such a quiet place people can relax and enjoy themselves, and there is little worry of getting caught in rush hour traffic when running late. Nor should citizens worry about being mugged if they should end up in the wrong part of town—in our area the wrong side of town just means being on the opposite side of town from Wal-Mart. The area in which we live is quiet, peaceful, and safe.

Many people dream of leaving after high school, but many of those people choose to come back when they’re ready to raise a family. This is a good place for children to grow up and get a good start in life. This is an area of hardworking families; there is a great deal of history and tradition displayed all around us. Anyone who can say they were born here should be proud. There are few cities where children are able to get such great educations, where a family can feel safe leaving the back door open to let in fresh air. Sheridan, Wyoming, has to be one of the nicest places to live in the United States.

Congratulations Chelsey!

As a $25 cash prize winner for her third place entry, we congratulate Chelsey for her fine piece on Sheridan, Wyoming. Be sure to leave your comments and words of encouragement for Chelsey as I’m sure she will appreciate your thoughts!

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We will be announcing the Second Place Winner in our next post!

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