Sheridan Real Estate Agency Goes Green!

CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty is going a little bit green with John Wayne’s permission. With high gas prices, we made the move to a new company car err… “scooter”. “The BHJ Green Machine” scooter is made available to all CENTURY 21 BHJ Sheridan real estate agents who need to run errands around town. ” I thought this might be fun for the agents and it’s proving to be a big hit.” In addition to the ever increasing gas prices, we have decided it was time we focused on reducing our agencies “carbon footprint”. I felt it was time CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty did our part in the efforts to “go green.”

Going Beyond the Typical Real Estate Application

Going green in the Sheridan real estate market is most often thought of in terms of building “green” structures and yes – that’s true. Sure we encourage Sheridan home builders to implement these green building concepts and use materials that embrace going green. Ones that easily come to mind include:

  • Use recycled building materials whenever possible
  • Use low-flow toilets
  • Integrate landscapes that are hardy and depend less on fertilizers and water
  • Use rain barrels to capture rainwater runoff for toilets, watering plants and gardens
  • Integrate into the home architectural designs that maximize energy conservation
  • Be sure to use our local recycling program for glass bottles, plastics and newspaper

Green Living is a Lifestyle and it’s Our Future!

Going green is more than the mere purchase of a Honda scooter, it’s all about an attitude. Going green is a lifestyle, and it’s the future of this office. Here at CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty, we encourage our agents to reduce their dependence on paper, and to use less of the natural resources we take for granted.

Trading Horse Power for Putter Power

Normally around here one might settle for a horse, but we thought a motor might come in handy. A big thanks to everyone at Valley Motor Honda for making the purchase fun.

If You See Our Agents Tooling Around Sheridan on the BHJ Green Machine

Be sure to say howdy. Because scooters are pretty rare sights, it’s for sure you’ll see us tooling around town. Just don’t expect our agents to drive buyers around town to preview homes on the BHJ Green Machine. What would we say to “our horse”?

Helping you keep it green,


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