Fire in the Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming

img_1850.JPGFire in the Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming
By Bruce Garber, Broker / Owner, CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty, Inc

The Little Goose fire is now under control. It was quite a sad day to see the face of our mountain burn from Little Goose Creek to Red Grade Road. As always in Wyoming, it was nice seeing neighbors helping neighbors moving personal belongings and animals way from harms way over the weekend of August 11th, 2007. Our hearts go out to everyone who lost cabins and structures in the fire.  Spahn’s famed Bed & Breakfast  was lucky with only having lost an out building.  So, they are still open for business for those of you that make Spahn’s an annual outing with friends and family.

I have had several inquires this week on how this might affect real estate values for properties near the mountain. Mother Nature has a way of humbling us, but hopefully with time, the portion of the mountain that burned will shed light on a different form of beauty until the face of the mountain rejuvenates itself.

We definitely live in the Wild West and I personally would rather put up with an occasional forest fire over the perils of earthquakes, tornados, or hurricanes.

Lastly, a big thanks to all of the fire fighters, especially the volunteers of the Big Horn Fire District, for a job well done under very tough conditions.


Bruce Garber
Broker/Owner, CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty, Inc

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  1. So sad to read this…I haven’t been in Sheridan since we moved away in 1985, back when the Spahns were building more than just their cabin. I babysat their kids back then and have many good memories of their property in the mountains.

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