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An Interview About Sheridan, WY schools with Melanie Jacobs, a parent, who is also a Real Estate Consultant with CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty Inc.

Q.  So Melanie, what’s it like being in real estate and having teenage daughters? 

A.   It’s a good thing!  I am connected to the young people and families coming into town and I have the knowledge about the schools and of how the schools work; what schools are focused on in different areas of education.   I stay involved in school sports and activities offered in our area as well.  I am really out in the community, which generates leads and buyers; it definitely helps me connect with buyers and sellers better.  Also, being a mom and being in real estate gives me the flexibility to be involved in the lives of my kids and being involved in the community, it’s the best of both worlds.

Q.  When you talk with clients who are from different parts of the country who are thinking about moving to Sheridan, WY, at what point do they start asking questions about schools 

A.  If they have school age children, it’s the first question they ask.  What schools are better suited to what their kids’ needs are.  For example they might have a gifted child and what school might meet those needs best?  I have my thumb on the pulse on what is going on.  And contact information – I am on a first name basis with people from both School District #2 and School District #1.

Q.  Are you able to personally guide and introduce clients to key personnel within the schools? 

A.   Yes, I have a good relationship with most every principal, whether it is at the grade school level, junior high or high school level.  Also, my husband is on the school board, so I have a little bit of an inside track.  If someone has a particular question or concern, I can find out who they need to talk to, and address their questions.

Q.  Do you find that the people moving into our area are impressed with our schools and test scores?      

A.  That’s true! Wyoming has developed the Proficiency Assessments of Wyoming Standards (PAWS) achievement test, which compiles information from around the State and complies with the “No Child Left Behind” requirement. Sheridan Junior High School is a 4A school, which is the largest class of school in Wyoming.  The Sheridan Junior High was ranked #1 in the State for reading, writing and math.  The PAWS testing is in reading, writing and math, and it is all computerized.  Our schools are all very technologically oriented and the testing is too.

Q.  What grades does the Junior High consist of? 

A.  The Junior High consists of 6, 7, 8th grade, comprising of approximately 1,000 students.  The 6th graders, who are transitioning from the grade school (k-5)  level into the Jr. High, are grouped into “clusters”, in which they have their own wing, and each cluster has core teachers; so these 6th graders are not thrown into a 1,000 kids and being a little fish trying to find their way in a big pond.  The 7th graders are still in a cluster setting, but they interact a little bit more with the 8th grade students.  The 8th grade, in preparation to the high school, have more of a high school schedule and setting.

Q.  So what is keeping your kids busy right now?   

A.  Volleyball, volleyball and more volleyball!  Soccer is going on as well.  There are several intramural sports offered at the Junior High, like pickle ball.  There is also fall soccer, cross country, and then we will transition into girls’ basketball, as well as boys’ basketball, then track, and swimming. 

Q.  Sounds like you are ready to have one of the kids get their drivers license?    

A.  Very much so!  But, you know, real estate also lets me plug in a tape when I’m sitting in my taxi, and learn about all things new in real estate.

Melanie Jacobs, Real Estate Consultant

Melanie Jacobs, Real Estate Consultant

CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty Inc.



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