Three Things to Know About Sheridan WY Schools

When buying a home in a new area, it’s always a good idea to learn more about the public school districts—whether or not you have kids. In fact, schools districts can directly affect the value of properties in an area! So… what are the schools like in Sheridan?

Here’s what you need to know about Sheridan WY schools.

Sheridan County Has Three Districts

public school students in sheridan wyThe county of Sheridan actually has three public school districts, Sheridan County #1, #2, and #3. Each district serves a particular region within in the county and offers its own benefits and resources to students. However, all districts rank among the best districts in the state of Wyoming.

Sheridan County SD #1

Sheridan County School District #1 serves about 950 students throughout the communities of Big Horn, Ranchester, and Dayton. It is divided into two branches, the Big Horn branch and the Tongue River branch, each of which has three schools. It’s ranked the #10 Best School District and the #8 Best School Districts for Athletes.

Sheridan County SD #2

Sheridan County School District #2 serves about 3,400 students in Sheridan and the surrounding community, making it the largest district in the area by far. It’s ranked the #2 Best School District and the #6 District with the Best Teachers, and boasts 6 Blue Ribbon Schools (out of 10 total).

Sheridan County SD #3

Sheridan County School District #3 serves only about 90 students in the Clearmont area, making it the smallest district in the county. One of its biggest benefits is an amazingly low student-teacher ratio of just 6:1. It’s also rated the #9 District with the Best Teachers and the #14 Safest School District in Wyoming.

All Districts Offer Tons of Programs

high school students in sheridan wyThough the offerings vary by district, each has a wealth of programs, athletics, and extracurricular activities to offer students. All districts offer basketball, cross country, football, golf, track, volleyball, and wrestling, as well as dual enrollment classes, college prep courses, and more.

Sheridan’s Schools are Top-Notch

teacher and students in sheridan wy schoolsNo matter where you live in Sheridan County, you’re sure to enjoy the benefits of a great district. For those with kids, it means resting assured that your children are receiving a high-quality education. And for those without, it means strong property values throughout the coming years.

Buying a Home in Sheridan, WY?

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