7 Steps for an Awe-Inspiring Open House

An open house is a fantastic way to get a home seen by a huge number of potential buyers—and hopefully impress a few. But before you open your front door and start welcoming buyers inside, you want to make sure your home is dressed to impress, inside and out.

Here are seven steps to a fantastic and successful open house.

Step Outside and Take a Good Look

curb appeal of a home in sheridan

First impressions are everything, especially at an open house. Since buyers are likely just driving by to check out the property, if they don’t like what they see from the curb, they might not even come inside. So take a step outside and view your home with an unbiased eye. How does it really look?

Does your lawn need to be mowed? The hedges trimmed? Is it time to unearth the weed-wacker from the back of the shed? Is your siding discolored or in need of a good powerwashing? Don’t overlook anything—landscaping, driveway, mailbox, garage door, roof, or even the front door.

Clean. Everything.

deep cleaning a home and other steps to a successful open house

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a clean house. Dust bunnies, cobwebs, grime, mildew, streaks, stains, crumbs, and pet smells are NOT welcome at your open house! If you don’t have the time (or the willpower) to get the job done, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of professionals. It’s an expense that will pay off in the end.

Declutter and Depersonalize

removing clutter and other steps to a successful open house

We’ve all got some… extra stuff… lurking in the top shelves of closets or the back corners of the garage. Extra clothes we no longer wear, old landscaping or sports equipment, stacks of papers, knickknacks and keepsakes we just can’t seem to part with… Well, it’s time to toughen up and sort out the stuff-you-use from the stuff-you-don’t. Clearing out a little clutter will make your home seem neater, cleaner, more open, and even larger.

Decluttering will also help your home seem less personal, which will enable your buyers to envision their own stuff—their lives—in your home. Continue depersonalizing by removing any family photos or non-neutral decor (think: anything religious, controversial, or political). You may also want to redo any particularly bright or bold paint jobs with more neutral tones like beige or grey.

Rearrange and Stage

beautiful home staged to sell

Take a look at your furniture and how it’s placed within the room. Remember, less is often more, so if your room feels tight or cramped, you might consider removing a piece or two. While you’re walking through, keep an eye on the smaller details, too—freshening towels, painting cabinets, replacing faucets or other hardware.

Add Some Light & Color

staged home in sheridan wy

Now it’s time for the final details. Open windows, turn on lights, and brighten up your home! Nothing feels more warm and welcoming than a home filled with light. Natural light is always best—and if you’ve got some breathtaking Big Horn Mountain views, you’ll definitely want to show those off.

A few bright pops of color (think: pillows, flowers, accent centerpieces or accessories) can really bring some life into neutral-toned rooms, too.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Areas

beautiful back deck

Sheridan is a town of outdoor lovers, so you can bet your buyers are going to be concerned with what’s happening outside your home. Make sure your outdoor areas do not disappoint! Got a large deck? Add some furniture. A patio? How about a grill. A large lawn? It better be mowed. Gardens? Call the landscapers or spend some time outside pruning.

If your property contains any additional features, such as a barn, stable, pasture, or large-equipment storage, you’ll want to spend some time making sure each of these look their best, too. That might mean repairing, cleaning, and decluttering.

Remove Pets… and Yourself

empty home ready for a successful open house

The best way to make buyers feel welcome, and allow them to visualize their lives in your home, is to get out of the way and let them look! So let your agent take the reins and make yourself scarce. Be sure to take pets along with you!

Thinking of Selling Your Sheridan Home?

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