Keep Sheridan Beautiful: Updates from Sheridan County Conservation District

keeping sheridan beautiful with the sheridan county conservation districtSheridan, WY is a breathtakingly beautiful community deeply-rooted in the dying ways of the Old West—which means hundreds of acres of working farmlands, grazing livestock, and gently-rolling fields. But just because we seem to have escaped the worries of the modern world, doesn’t mean we don’t have some environmental concerns of our own.

And that’s why the Sheridan County Conservation District works to ensure that the community we so cherish stays beautiful for all the years to come.

What is the Sheridan County Conservation District?

The SCCD is dedicating to protecting the water and land quality of Sheridan County. Through assistance programs, education, water monitoring, and land planning, the SCCD actively works to maintain and improve land and water throughout the county for the benefit of all who live, work, or visit here.

Improving Water Quality Through Education

The SCCD has found that a major barrier to water quality improvement is a simple lack of understanding of the effect grazing management has on water quality. So, what does this mean, exactly?

The Effect of Grazing Management and Water Quality

the sheridan county conservation district encourages grazing management to protect the water qualityOne of the major pollutants of Sheridan’s waterbodies is waste from grazing animals such as cows, horses, and llamas. This occurs for two reasons—when land is overgrazed (allowing waste to seep unhindered into nearby water) and when animals are allowed to graze too close to waterbodies. Simple grazing management systems can vastly improve land and water conditions.

Simple Grazing Management Techniques

Sometimes, all that’s needed to get those waterbodies back to healthy pollution levels is a little fencing. Keeping animals away from waterbodies and preventing certain areas from being overgrazed can do wonders for a nearby water source. Additionally, off-channel water systems can help keep livestock away from natural water sources and encourage movement throughout fields.

Financial Assistance for Qualified Projects

If financial burdens have you hesitating to complete grazing management projects such as installing fencing or stockwater systems the SCCD may be able to help. You’re invited to apply for cost-share funds through one of the SCCD’s water quality improvement programs, which can help you with eligible projects such as relocating corrals, replacing septic systems, or improving irrigation.

Learn More About Conservation with Workshops and Tours

If you want to learn more about what you can do to help protect and preserve the beautiful land of Sheridan County, you may grazing management implemented by the sheridan county conservation districtwant to check out some of these upcoming workshops or educational events.

Trash to Treasure: On Thursday, May 19, learn more about composting methods and considerations, and enter to win a Tumbling Composter.

Wyoming Medusahead/Ventenata Field Tour: On June 19, enjoy a tour and educational discussions presented by the Northeast Wyoming Invasive Grasses Working Group.

Sheridan County Fuels Mitigation Workshop: June 2

SCCD Board Meeting: June 5

Changes to The Wyoming State Fair

In order to decrease the amoung of time spend away from home (and the financial burden) for vendors, participants, and visitors, the Wyoming State Fair has been reduced from 8 days to 4. It will be held this year from Wedesday, August 15 through Saturday, August 18.

Want to Learn More About Conservation and Life in Sheridan County?

We’re passionate about this place, and that means we’re passionate about protecting it. If you’re eager to learn more about life in Sheridan County, WY, or what you can do to make sure it stays beautiful for decades to come, then it’s time to contact us. We’re here to answer all your questions about life in Sheridan County.

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