5 Tips for Selling Your Sheridan Home in Wintertime

Home Selling 8Can you believe we’re already a couple of weeks into the New Year? Time is already flying by!

A couple of weeks into January also means that we’re in the thick of wintertime here in Sheridan. And that means that home sellers have to be particularly deliberate about their marketing strategy this time of year.

That’s because home buyers aren’t flooding the housing market in the same way that they do during the summertime.

Still, home sellers shouldn’t be discouraged by that. They can still successful sell their home in the thick of winter – all they need to do is employ a different strategy that’s more tailormade for the wintertime home buyer. Continue reading to learn more.

5 Ways You Can Get Your Home Sold This Winter in Sheridan

Clear a path to your doorstep. When you consider how much snow we get in the area, it really becomes critical during the wintertime to make every effort to clear a path for your home buyers. Otherwise, you risk home buyers being deterred by the wintery conditions and not even bothering to step foot in your home. Then you’ve lost them before you’ve ever gotten them. So shovel a path of snow continually and consider sprinkling some sand over the sidewalk to further prevent buildup.

Let in the light. As most people know, there really isn’t as much natural sunlight during the winter time as there is during the summer time. And that’s unfortunate because light streaming in your home can make it appear more spacious, more inviting and even cleaner. So let in the light by opening all of the blinds and shutters and turning on every light in the house.

Make sure it’s nice and warm inside. This really should go without saying but we’ll say it anyway! The warmer you make it inside, the more likely that home buyers will want to linger before they head out into the bitter winter conditions again. Of course, don’t make your home as hot as a boiler room but do make it nice and cozy.

Set the mood with music and vignettes. For instance, we recommend playing some soft music like Enya or jazz. And we also recommend setting up little vignettes throughout the house to help home buyers envision living there. For instance, in the living room, you could light up the fireplace and toss some blankets over the arms of the sofa. Now doesn’t that sound cheery and inviting?

Set out winter foods for your guests. Maybe set out some hot cider for them to sip on while they’re touring your house or set out some freshly baked pie. These little touches throughout your house will help it feel more like a home – and help home buyers fall in love with it that much quicker!

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For more valuable insight on how you can successfully sell your Sheridan home on the housing market this winter, please contact me, Bruce Garber, and the rest of my team at BHJ Realty.

We will work diligently to get you the results you want on the local housing market as a home seller.

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