How to Search for Your Next Home… Without Leaving Home

Social distancing and stay-at-home orders have vastly changed the way just about everything is done, from grocery shopping to dining out to day-to-day business. And real estate is no exception; much of the home buying and selling processes have turned virtual, making it very possible to search for your next home without leaving your current home.

How to Search for a Home Online

searching for your next home online

Businesses are slowly beginning to reopen and life is starting to resume a more normal flow, but shopping online for real estate might be a trend that sticks around, particularly here in Sheridan, WY. Not only is online home searching safer, it’s also a lot easier for those searching from outside the area to find the right home before flying in for a tour.

Here are some guidelines for searching for your next home online.

Get to know the area

sunrise over the big horn mountains

What are the three most important aspects of real estate? Location, location, and location! You can’t change the location of a home, so if there’s one factor you should spend some time thinking about, it’s the location of your next home.

Consider what’s important to you in a home location. What do you want or need to be close to, and where are the places you most often visit? How long are you willing to commute, if you’ll be working? Do you have children currently enrolled in school? Do you prefer being close to attractions and businesses, or do you want to be surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Big Horn Mountains?

It might help you to spend a little time getting to know the Sheridan area.

Know your preferences in a home

a beautiful kitchen with views

Location might be the most important aspect of your real estate purchase, but the home itself is definitely important, too. However, it’s easy to let yourself get carried away in dreaming up the “perfect home” equipped with all the bells and whistles—but unless you’ve got a pretty big budget, you might have to make a few small sacrifices.

That’s why most agents or professionals will recommend a “Needs, Wants & Would-Likes” list to differentiate the things you absolutely have to have from the things you can actually live without. Having an established list of wants and needs can prevent you from being enticed by a home with fancy aesthetic upgrades, but a lack of more serious or hard-to-add features.

Take advantage of online searches

searching for a home online

Online home searching today is so advanced, you can specify every last one of your wants, needs, and preferences—from size to style to amenities to location. You can even limit your search to only show homes with virtual tours!

Connect with a top local agent

calling a local agent

Probably the most important step of any home search—online or otherwise—is to connect with a qualified and experienced local agent. Not only can your agent help you navigate the more technical aspects of the process, like negotiations, paperwork, inspections, and the close, your agent can also provide valuable information about specific areas or communities around the Sheridan area, particularly ones that might work best for your particular wants, needs, and lifestyle.

Ready to Search for Your Next Home in Sheridan, WY?

Are you thinking of making a move to or or buying a home in the Sheridan, WY area? Century 21 BHJ Realty is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the right home, ranch, or farm for your ideal lifestyle.

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