Prestigious Award to Small Rural Hospital

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Receives the 2007sheridan-memorial-hospital-logo_finalclr.JPG

“Top 100 Hospital Performance Improvement Leaders” Award

Official statement from Mike McCafferty, Sheridan Memorial Hospital CEO, about the award received on August 7, 2007: 

Q:  Mike, I understand the Hospital was just honored with an important award? 

A:  “Yes, I’m very pleased to be able to share that on the 6th of August, SMH was notified we would be receiving an award for work we have done in 9 critical areas of management at our hospital.  The award is the “Top 100 Hospital Performance Improvement Leaders” as recognized by Thomson Healthcare.  Thomson Healthcare works with Solucient, an organization that tracks and monitors clinical indicators, financial performance, management indicators, key ratios, and core measures for hospital quality, and patient safety. 

Each year Solucient measures over 2,800 hospitals around the country and SMH is in the 97th percentile of those comparisons and calculations for performance improvement.  It’s a fantastic award and we are extremely pleased with how the statistics turned out for us.    Hospitals are measured within 5 different categories: teaching hospitals, university hospitals, large community hospitals, medium sized community hospitals, and small community hospitals.  In the “small community hospital” category there are over 1,000 hospitals and SMH is in the top 20 – that’s an outstanding achievement for us – not only as a healthcare organization, but for our whole community. 

It truly shows the vital resource we have right here.  The award also comes with a lot of support from our community, from our foundations, and from the generous giving our community is blessed with.  Giving, I’d say, in the form of income from a strong sense of shared values from around the community, from the people who live here. 

Finally the award demonstrates the quality of the physicians and healthcare providers we have … I couldn’t be more pleased with our organization, and it’s a privilege to be part of it.”     

In addition to the above award, here are a few other interesting facts you may not know about Sheridan Memorial Hospital: 

  • With 425 employees, SMH is the second largest employer in town. 
  • 50 physicians within 20+ specialties offer an uncommon breadth of services for a town our size
  • With sophisticated technology and services beyond what one might expect in a hospital this size, patients can take comfort in knowing they are receiving high quality care.
  • A unique expansion to the Hospital, the Medical Arts Complex, is home to several independent physicians’ offices, as well as a spa, a café, a large outpatient lab, and the recently opened Sheridan Pharmacy.

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