North Main Revitalization Initiative Enhancing North Main

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Energizing Sheridan!

The North Main Revitalization Initiative in Sheridan is about people taking ownership in their community.   Over the summer, residents and business owners in the North Main area have hosted a series of block parties, North Main Business Open House events, and other neighborhood gatherings to engage North Main residents, business and property owners in a widespread community discussion.

The goals of these discussions were to build community involvement, identify barriers to the revitalization of North Main, and identify resources and partnerships necessary to encourage residential and commercial investment in the area.

This Initiative is building on a number of great efforts already taking place on North Main such as the renovation of the Trails End Restaurant & Motel, grand opening of Bella/Kennon Aircraft Covers and numerous small business start-ups such as Breckenridge Market.

On August 21st the North Main Summit brought together almost 600 comments from over 160 participants from the 12 previous North Main events. Coming out of the Summit, five community work groups were formed focused around the following themes: Where We Live, Where We Shop & Eat, How We Travel, Where We Play & Kids, and North Main Look & Feel. These groups are meeting over the month of September to develop action plans to help revitalize the North Main part of Sheridan.

These action plans will be delivered as a “Report to the Community” and presented to the City Council by the North Main Steering Committee, which is made up by members from each work group. This Committee, with help from the City and others, will work to put these plans into action starting with completing the short-term projects by early next year.

There are a number of resources to help with this effort. To start, the Mayor will ask the City Council to allocate seed monies for the community’s short-term projects. In addition, the City will offer its staff, expertise and leadership to the work groups. The WYDOT North Main repaving project includes over $500,000 for enhancements such as benches and landscaping for North Main Street and this money will help with aspects of the long-term action plans.

For more information on the North Main Revitalization Initiative and to follow the work groups’ progress, please visit and click below the North Main Revitalization Initiative logo.

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