Market Conditions – The Sky Is Not Falling

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It is very apparent that the real estate market has run past its values in various parts of the country.  It’s hard to feel to sorry for them.  The day traders left the stock market several years ago and started using homes as their next vehicle for funding bad habits and hobbies.

Luckily, the Sheridan area did not experience the big run up from investors entering our market.  Our real estate values have certainly increased, but not at the pace that the markets which are crashing did.   What does this mean for buyers and sellers in the Sheridan area?  Read on!

Buyers – what a great time to be a buyer.  Interest rates are still at historic lows.  As compared to a year ago, buyers will find a much better selection of homes.  Not only is the selection better but you can take a bit more time and select several homes to wheel and deal on.  It’s more important than ever to work with one of our professional CENTURY 21 agents who understands the market.  They will help you avoid the homes that are out of line with the value of similar properties in our market. 

Sellers – despite some of the impressions from the national press our market is active and vibrant.  As compared to a year ago, our market has become a more normal market.  It’s very important for Sheridan area sellers to select an agent that really knows the market.  Understanding buyers wants and needs and highlighting your properties uniqueness is what we do best.    I joke to our agents that sellers can no longer buy a property, mow the yard, and place the property back on the market for an extra $20,000.  The good news though, is that your home will sell if marketed and priced properly.  It’s a great time to have the most recognized name in real estate in your yard.  We have big marketing guns and we like to use them.  As markets soften around the country buyers and sellers are looking for recognizable, reliable and consistent agents/companies to work with. 

Have any questions about our market?  Feel free to leave a comment or question.  We are ready to put the gold standard to work for you!  

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