Home Remodel Questions Finally Answered


Do it Yourself conceptHave you been thinking about those home remodeling projects you would like to complete in your home this year? The out-dated kitchen, chipped paint on your siding, the old porch that needs rebuilt?

The National Association of Realtors has posted a great article from www.houselogic.com with some interesting statistics on which remodeling projects bode the highest rate of return in regards to the resale of your home, and the surprising remodel projects that don’t bring in the return that you would have expected.

You will be surprised to see that one of the simplest upgrade you can do for your home is a new front door! According to the house logic article “A replacement steel door averaged a 97.2% return on investment — by far the highest return in our historical look at the Cost vs Value Report.”

So if your considering doing some upgrades, check out this article to help decipher those challenging questions of home remodeling!

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