Help Give the Gift of Fun!!

Let’s take a trip, a huge snow has happened. You’re all bundled up in your snow suit, hat, gloves, and boots, with the other kids in your neighborhood. You’ve got a new sled, the fastest sled out there! You go to your favorite sledding hill; maybe it’s the hill behind the Kendrick Mansion, or Linden Hill. You start the trek up the hill, and once you reach the top, your hsledeart skips a beat as you look down this¬†magnificent structure covered in ice and snow, and without thinking twice you run and jump onto your sled, head first, and hang on for dear life, zooming, passing or crashing into your friends on the way down. And when you finally come to a stop, you have the biggest perm-a-grin plastered on your face. You pick yourself up and head back up the hill to do it again and again, spending countless hours on all kinds of snow, fresh powder, solid ice with jumps, you name it, you were there with your sled. Sure you may have broken a sled or two, or even a limb, but the one thing that is instilled in your mind is how much fun you had doing it! And no matter what you would always head back to the top of the hill and do it again.

edited sledWhy Are We Bringing Back These Amazing Child Hood Memories You May Ask?¬† We want to create these types of memories in today’s children and for us to do that, we need your help!

CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty, Inc., Sheridan Commercial Company, and the YMCA have teamed up to help put sleds into the hands of under privileged youth in the Sheridan County area this winter.  All we ask of you is to donate $31.80 and you can help give the gift of fun!

How Do I Donate? Good question! You can bring your donation to CENTURY 21 BHJ Realty, located at 40 E. Works St., and we can make the purchase for you!

Then once we have all of the sleds purchased, the YMCA will help deliver them to under privileged children in the area, and (weather permitting) in February, during the Olympics, we hope to have a sledding party in honor of the US bobsled team for everyone to enjoy!!

We hope you would join us and help give the gift of fun this winter!!


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