5 Tips to Effectively Marketing Your Sheridan Real Estate

At the conclusion of my previous post on “How to Avoid Price Reductions in the Sheridan Real Estate Market” I committed to providing 5 tips to effectively marketing your Sheridan ranch, land parcel or home. If implemented, these 5 real estate marketing strategies will enhance your properties visibility so you can experience a quicker, more profitable Sheridan real estate transaction.Marketing Your Sheridan, WY Real Estate

Buyer’s are More Web-savvy. Are You a Web-savvy Seller?

Because most real estate experts would agree we are in a buyer’s market, Sheridan home sellers need smarter marketing strategies to insure their home sells for the maximum fair market value and the sooner the better. Just remember, Sheridan home buyers are a web-savvy bunch, so creating a marketing campaign that attracts these Internet Empowered Consumers is a must.

5 Success-oriented Sheridan Real Estate Marketing Tips

Based on recent market data, here are the 5 marketing tips you need to insure your Sheridan, Big Horn, Ranchester, Dayton, or Story, WY property is given the maximum exposure your property deserves.

  • The smartest strategy you should start with is accurately pricing your Sheridan real estate. This means setting the “right” price the moment your ranch, home or land parcel is listed for sale. As you read in my previous post, price reductions send negative messages to your potential buyers. It screams that your property is overpriced and possibly undesirable. If market conditions dictate and your agent indicates a price reduction is necessary NEVER launch a price reduction marketing campaign. If you do, you send signals to buyers that your Sheridan,WY property is all but unmarketable.
  • Believe it or not, what day you have your Sheridan property “debut”on the Sheridan County Multiple Listings Service (MLS) has an impact how many”eyeballs” see your home. Plus it can determine how quickly your Sheridan County property will sell. The very best day to have your Sheridan single-family home, ranch or land “hit” the MLS is a Friday. The worst days are Mondays and Thursdays.Sheridan County, WY Land For Sale
  • Because today’s Sheridan home buyer is smarter and using the Internet in greater numbers, I recommend you solicit the services of a local Sheridan real estate firm that is equally web-savvy using as many Internet portals or websites to showcase your property. One of the more popular websites buyers are flocking to is Craigslist. This website is one of many websites your Sheridan listing agent should be using to feature your home, ranch or land parcel.
  • When setting the “right price” for your Sheridan, WY real estate, make sure the price falls within the correct pricing “categories”. Internet-based buyers typically create property searches in segments or increments of $25K to $50K. If your recommended Sheridan property value is $351,000 based on a comparative market analysis (CMA), it is recommend you list your home at $350,000 so your home falls in the $325,000 to $350,000 price point.
  • While this next marketing strategy is not often used in the Sheridan real estate market, you may find it occurring more often should our market conditions deteriorate. Before you list your Sheridan real estate for sale, have your agent search your “hyper-local” neighborhood or community to determine if there are “foreclosure properties” on the market. If your agent identifies such properties, it is recommended you hold off listing your property until that foreclosure home is off the market. Foreclosure properties are typically difficult to compete against and set a bad precedent for property values in your area.

What has been Your ExperienceA Successful Sheridan Home Sale Starts with a Smart Pricing Strategy

Tell us your story about marketing your property in the Sheridan real estate market.  How did you overcome your obstacles to successfully market your Sheridan property? Are you thinking about listing your ranch or single-family home for sale? If so, ask us any questions you might have about marketing your Sheridan land parcel, ranch or single-family home.

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