5 Things to Look for When Buying a Home in Sheridan, WY

Thinking of buying a home in Sheridan, WY? Let us be the first to say “Congratulations!” Buying a home sure is exciting, but whenever you’re making an investment (especially one so hefty!) you want to make sure you’re getting the right product and a good deal. So, here are 5 things to look for in a Sheridan home.

The Location

checking the location when buying a home in sheridanWhat are the three most important aspects of real estate? Location, location, and location! It’s no different here than anywhere else. Before you buy a home, make sure it’s in a good location—for you and for your resale value. From neighborhood desirability to proximity to the grocery store, location says a lot about the value of a home.

The Lifestyle

horseback riding and ranches in sheridanHere in Sheridan, it’s all about the lifestyle you want. Are you buying a home for farming or ranching? Less concerned with the yard and more focused on the house itself? Need something smaller and more low-maintenance? Want to be close to parks or trails, or maybe Downtown Sheridan? Know what you want for your lifestyle and don’t compromise!

The Maintenance & Upkeep

checking for well maintained houses when buying a home in sheridanA good home can easily turn bad if it’s not maintained! So before you think you’ve found the perfect house, do your research. Watch out for signs of poor maintenance. Find out the age of the HVAC system. Check the roof. Keep an eye out for signs of water damage or mold. The perfect home can have big problems lurking under a freshly-painted exterior!

The Land

land for sale in sheridanThe house might be perfect, but what about the land? Is there enough? Too much? Are there any zoning or development restrictions? Is the are prone to flooding or other natural disasters? Before you invest, it’s probably a good idea to have the land surveyed.

Your Dealbreakers

searching homes for sale in sheridanFinding the absolutely perfect home is the goal. Is it realistic? Maybe not. Will you have to compromise on a few things? Probably. That’s why it’s important to know where you have a little flexibility (you wanted hardwoods but tile is okay) and what’s a dealbreaker (no, you’re not going to add in a second bathroom).

Ready to Find Your Dream Home in Sheridan?

If you’re thinking of buying a home in or relocating to Sheridan, then it’s time to contact Century 21 BHJ. We’re here to help you explore the area, discover its beautiful neighborhoods, and find the perfect place for your Wyoming country home.

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