Forward Sheridan Summary of 2010 Accomplishments

Summary courtesy of Jay Stender, Executive Director of Forward Sheridan

• City of Sheridan acquired 38.5 acres from the Wrench Ranch to be used as the Sheridan High-Tech Business Park.  This dedicated land enabled a Business Ready Grant, from the Wyoming Business Council for over $2.5 million to install water and sewer infrastructure within the park.  The park is “shovel ready” for development.

• FS identified and proposed a business relocation opportunity to a light-manufacturing firm (VacuTech, LLC).  This relocation is the anchor business for the high tech business park. Vacutech, LLC  is  relocating into the new Sheridan High-Tech Business Park.  Construction started in November of 2010.  And the first business relocation in Wyoming in 13 years.

• The High-Tech Business Incubator, located at Double Eagle Drive, is open and serving four early stage technology businesses.  Three new jobs have been created since the Incubator opening in late October for these operations.  The Sheridan High-Tech Business Incubator was purchased by Sheridan County using State of Wyoming grant funds.  Grant matching fund requirements were met by a private developer.  The total investment in this project from the state and private sector was over $1 million.

• One company, Ptolemy Data Systems, was housed in the FS office prior to the building of the Incubator.  By the time the incubator was completed, PDS has grown to 7 employees and is one of our prime  subcontractors for the Wyoming Telemedicine Project.

• FS was engaged by the State of Wyoming to manage the Wyoming Telepsychiatry Pilot Project to introduce, evaluate and implement video conferencing capabilities throughout hospitals and mental health clinics in the State.  This project involves three Wyoming technology businesses – Apollo Telemedicine, Handel IT and Ptolemy Data Systems and is addressing a very key issue with Title 25 IH patients throughout the state.   At this time the WTPP team has conducted site evaluations at 5 hospitals and 3 mental health clinics.  This project will continue for 24 months.   The outcome of this project is to reduce exporting medical care dollars to neighboring states and keep the patients locally by improving access at the point of care.

•  Forward Sheridan is committed to communicating our actions and intentions with our investors and the community through media releases and news articles, open houses, and e-newsletters and updates.  FS routinely has work sessions with investors and interested parties.

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